Friday, October 22, 2010

Hackthissite realistic mission 3

Open the page source.  Down the bottom of the source you will see that the hacker just renamed index.html to oldindex.html.

Then you just have to type in the url to view the old page. View the source, and copy it all. Then you will have to Submit a poem, and this is the important part. If you simply type in the name of your poem,it will be saved in the current directory.You need to submit the source of the oldindex.html as index.html and also in the correct place.For that you need to go up one directory.This is accomplished by '../' , which is prefixed to the name of our file 'index.html'

Name of poem has to be "../index.html" for this to work. Then paste the code you copied into the textarea you are supposed to write a poem.

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Hackthissite Realistic mission 2

Analyse the source code of each page.You will se update.php there. It's at the very end of the page. Click on it, or just type the"%20".

View the page source again. This time you will see a form, with the action update2.php. You will try clicking without passwords, and you get "Invalid username/password".

Then click back, so you can type your username and password again. We use SQL injection.Use the username:" ' or 1=1 - " and the same password  and you are done!. SQL injection is a very outdated vulnerability and you will hardly find a web application vulnerable to it.

Hackthissite realistic mission 7

You will need to use John the ripper to crack the password.Let's start with the mission.The first thing to do is analyse the source code and also keep an eye on the URL.The URL in your browser will show you something like " showimages.php?file= " and then a filename.The php file is displaying the file whose name is being given as parameter.If you analysed the source carefully you must have found the admin folder.If you click on it you will get the opportunity to log in to the admin part of the page. Writing the wrong password will not help you though.

You will notice that the server is using HTTP authentication(used by apache servers).The folder in apache are secured by two files namely .htpasswd and .htconf - the password and configuration file.You need to get the hash in the password file which will then be cracked by JTR.Enough

Type this in the addressbar :" " and you will se a little square with to vertical lines. Right click on the left vertical line and then copy the link. In firefox, you can just click on properties, but I don't know about other browsers.

You will then have to paste this into a txt file. Time to bruteforce it using John The Ripper.

Save what you copied in the run directory of the john the ripper program. Lets say we save this file as pass.txt. You then have to open the command promt and direct yourself into the run directory. You will have to use the command:" john-386 --show pass.txt ". It will look something like this:

This was on a windows computer.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trojan attack demo - Remote control your victim's PC

You must be familiar with what a trojan is.A Trojan is similar to a virus but it can be more lethal in the way it gives the attacker complete control over the victim's PC.Usually trojans come in two parts - the client and the server.The server resides on the victim's PC and the client is used to connect to it and play mischief,create havoc and much more.The attacker can take snapshots of the victim's screen,install a keylogger which will send you all the keystrokes,reboot the system,crash the system,eject the cd-rom and much more.This tutorial will show you how the hacker accomplishes his task and how to protect yourself from it.

The first thing a hacker does is to install the server on the victim's pc.The hacker does this very cleverly.The server part of the trojan is bind with a small program with like a chess game for example.The victims is deluded into thinking that the game is harmless.He installs it,not knowing that a trojan is being installed along with it in the background.The next thing the hacker needs to know is the IP address of the victim which he will use to connect the client to server.

The following demo is for educational purposes only.

We take the example of a trojan named Aladino.Its available for free over.The hacker binds the server part of this trojan with say a game of chess,using a program called binder.The victim is deluded into thinking that it is a harmless program.He install it on his hard-disk.Once it is executed,it will wait for commands to be sent by the hacker.There are many commands available,for example

SCREEN_CAPTURE C:\\snapshot.bmp

This command will take a snapshot if the victims screen and store it in c:\\snapshot.Other commands can be seen after typing help at the command prompt.They are simple and self explanatory.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuxnet - The Marvellous Malware

Computerworld - The Stuxnet worm is a "groundbreaking" piece of malware so devious in its use of unpatched vulnerabilities, so sophisticated in its multipronged approach, that the security researchers who tore it apart believe it may be the work of state-backed professionals.

It's amazing, really, the resources that went into this worm," said Liam O Murchu, manager of operations with Symantec's security response team.

“With the forensics we now have it is evident and provable that Stuxnet is a directed sabotage attack involving heavy insider knowledge,” wrote Ralph Langner, the CEO of Langner Communications, on the company website.

“The attack combines an awful lot of skills - just think about the multiple 0day vulnerabilities, the stolen certificates etc. This was assembled by a highly qualified team of experts, involving some with specific control system expertise.”

“Based on a conditional check, original code for OB 35 is manipulated during the transmission. If the condition matches, Stuxnet injects Step7 code into OB 35 that is executed on the PLC every time that OB 35 is called,” Langner explained in a brief report.

Yet, the really interesting aspect to Langner’s research is the conclusion that the attack was designed to have a short shelf life.

“Therefore, the whole attack only makes sense within a very limited timeframe…So we can conclude that the planned time of attack isn't somewhen next year. I must assume that the attack did already take place. I am also assuming that it was successful,” Langner commented.


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My second date

The title of this post seems pretty weird.Maybe 'My first date' would have been better.But there is nothing worth posting here about my first date except how beautiful my girlfriend looked,the dark mall terrace,starry sky and the mild cold zephyr.I am being poetic.

okay,so we decided to meet at the mall at around 3pm.What an odd tym?! But if you have a girlfriend,you probably understand my feelings.Rather our feelings.Twas the peak of excitement.

I reached the mall before her and stood near the stairs of fourth floor.I kept looking down the stairs from time to time.After a while i saw her walking up slowly and gracefully,holding her helmet in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.My heart started thumping and i coudn't resist smiling..She looked up only after she stood in front of me,just a few steps away.She saw me,her big eyes seemed bigger.She waved out and smiled.I smiled back.'Wow! she is so beautiful!' i thought.Lucky me!

We had to go to the terrace.I followed her.A man coming down the stairs glanced at her and then stared at me.His gimlet eye seemed to cast disgust at me.I stared him back.Who the heck cares what a shithead fuckwit thinks?!

We reached the stairs in front of the door that opened to the terrace and sat down four feet apart! We then talked and talked... and talked.She told me about her coaching classes,her friends and cousins while i kept admiring her. 'I won't go for the trial class at four.' she said.Wow! that meant our date would extend for a few more hours! 'That's just what i was gonna ask you for.' i said.

While we sat there talking happily,the nincompoop lunkheads of the mall had a reason to go to the terrace again and again; it sorta pissed me off more cause those fucktard asshats had to stare at my girlfriend!! This worried her a little since she visited the mall frequently with her mum.She got up and stood near the railing.i also got up and stood beside her; this time one feet apart.'why has everyone gota go to the terrace just now?!' she said.'They have pre-planned it.They don't wana let us spend time together' i said.'huh! yeah! they must be telling others to go upstairs and check out..' she said.

She suddenly took my hand and started analysing the structure of my nails and felt awsome! i didn't want her leave my hand.'Your hand looks so pretty..unlike that of most guys'.she said.i wondered what's so special about my hand? except that my nails look like the skin of almond.I wanted to hold her hand.But unlike most of the guys out there,i had a fear in my mind that maybe if  i try to hold her hand,she'll pull it away and show grimace towards my "abhorrent and disgraceful deed".She'll run away and our story would come to an end because of my loathsome act that made her disdain me.Well to some extent i felt like my fear would come true.She told me that she is in a habit of biting nails.I wanted an excuse to hold her hand so i thought this could help.i held her hand and said 'lemme see your nails'.She immediatly pulled her hand with a force great enough to transform my fear into reality.'No i won't show them to you!' she said.woah! scared me! i kept thinking if she didn't want me hold her hand or was it just because of her bitten nails? If she didn't want me hold her hand ,why did she hold mine? Figuring out a girl can be a tough task at first especially if you are a noob.

We talked so much that after about two hours,we hardly had anything to say.Silence prevailed around us.The sun was setting and the sky was turning red.My hand was resting on the wall behind her neck.i thought i should put it on her shoulder.But then came my fear.i gathered some courage and took my hand closer.She turned around and said 'where you putting your hand?' i said ' here.' oh! she said.Then came the moment which caused gallons of adrenalin to spurt through my veins.She suddenly moved towards me sidewards and stood next to me.My heart beat accelerated and i felt warm...rather hawt! ;-) wow! i wish i could have stayed like that forever.She then turned around to look down,which brought her closer to me.i turned at the same time and almost cuddled her.fuckwow! Loved it! But everytime those vexatious morons passed by us,she moved away from me,and i just wished to kill those fucktards through a mortal kombat fatality!!

'Let's go to the terrace' she said.We moved to the terrace and sat down close to each other , resting against
the wall.'Gimme your hand' she said.Now that was surprising.I told you girls can be hard to figure out.But who won't hold a girl's hand and opt to argue?! definitetly i won't.'sure!' i smiled.i held her hand tightly.Twas soft and warm.she rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.i more than loved it! i caressed her cheek.Nothing in this world can be softer than what i felt.i rested my cheek on her head and closed my eyes; while we held hands and i kept caressing her cheek.We almost slept in the sun! And i didn't know where did my hand reach! 'Your cheek is so soft.What do you apply on them?' i asked while my eyes were still closed.'That's not my cheek.' she said and i was surprised.We were so close that i couldn't see where my hand was.'This is not your cheek?!' i asked.'You are caressing below my ear!' she smiled.'whaat??!!' i giggled.Man! what must she be thinking? 'Second date,open terrace and he is trying to seduce me?!!' i thought.But she didn't mind at all.Actually she liked it.That's the good thing; once a girl loves you truly and knows that you love her,she won't mind trivial things.Well i can say that about my girl atleast.That's what i learnt.While she held my hand touching her cheek,i could feel her breath; the feeling of that warmth was superb! i loved it.'wake me up if i fall asleep' i said.'But who 'll wake me up?' she said and smiled.

Two dipshits had no other work to do than to move around us and stare at us from a distance.One of them was a bastard pigmy like nepali.Yeah just like any other of them..short, fat and retarded;these douchebags have a sole birthright is to becoming a gatekeeper.Everytime he passed by,she pulled her hand away. i wanted to fling that jackass down the terrace.And following him was another dumbfuck.'Now only our parents are left to come here' she giggled.'huh! yeah.' and i started imagining her dad standing in front of me,furious like hell! What are you doing with my daughter?! - that would almost choke me to death.i stopped imagining before he could hurl me down the terrace.

When you have a beautiful girl with you,you can easily see the unrest ,the people around are going through (well not always,but that was the case with those two dickheads wandering around on the terrace superfluously.) One of them gathered enough courage,came near us and said 'when will you both leave? The terrace door will be shut very soon.' 'Get outa here.' i said to him vehemently.They both went away.It was getting darker.'Lemme see the time' she said.'No i won't leave your hand' i said.she smiled.And we continued enjoying the moment for we knew that such a time won't come again very soon.Her leg was resting above that of mine.And it had been there for the past two hours; i didn't even budge my leg fearing that she might remove her leg think i am feeling uncomfortable.So now my leg,mainly foot, was completely numb.i thought i won't be able to get up.Doesn't count! the pleasure and ecstasy were so much dominant that they made me forget everything else.After sometime it became worse, and different thoughts started haunting me - what if my leg becomes unusable? What if am never able to walk again? what if the doc says he'll have to remove me leg? okay that was stupid.But i decided to ask her gently to remove her leg so that i can straighten mine and then put it back like it was.When i told her that am not able to move my leg,she started hitting my leg with her's.ouch! But it became fine very soon.

It was pretty dark now.The terrace door usually got locked by nine.And twas around seven at that time.We were pretty sure that it won't be locked.But still i got up to check.i went there and found the door was locked.This got me furious.Those cocksuckers did this.It really wanted to kick their ass! she came running and said 'whhaat??!! the door is locked?!!' she started pulling the door handle.'what are we gonna do now?' she asked.'we can spend the night here together.' i said casually.But she was a litttle worried.'Lemme pull' i said but she didn't hear.i asked again and she left the handle.i held the handle,pulled twice and the bang! the door handle or something broke and the door opened.yeah! B-) She was relieved; and so was i.

We went back to take her helmet and purse.she stood in front of me tying her hair.She was telling me something but i was so engrossed in admiring her that i didn't listen.She looked gorgeous! And i felt a sudden urge to hug her tightly in my arms.But i refrained.. there is always a next time..;-) We held hands and walked to the terrace door together.She went downstairs.i went after her.My eyes were desperately  searching for those two *#@&*&**@*# *s !!! But i couldn't find them.Anyways,the most beautiful moment of my life so far came to end.My happiness was beyond what i can express here in words.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Brute force attack

In simple terms,Brute force attack is used to crack a password and/or login name of say an ftp website.Here you use a brute force attacker program (the one we are going to use is called Hydra),to carry out the attack.This program uses a wordlist which contains hundreds or maybe thousands of words which this program sends as password to the server.If it matches with the correct password,you get logged in,else you gota add more words to the list.Remember that hacking requires a lot of patience.

So first of all you need to download and install hydra-5.4.Google it.Its free and it doesn't have a graphical interface.You 'll have to use the command line.After you have downloaded it,you need to search for a wordlist.Search for 'wordlist.txt' on Google.It 'll be text file.Save it in your harddisk.Add more words or phone numbers to it if you want to.

The next thing to do is search for a vulnerable site.A site that allows anonymous login through ftp,can be vulnerable.Or if you know the admin login name you can brutefoce the site as demonstrated below.Lets say the admin login name is 'admin'.You can use a wordlist for admin names even.Open the command prompt and change to the directory where you downloaded hydra.Type the following

Hydra -l admin -P wordlist.txt -e ns -vV [ip address] ftp

where [ip address] is the IP address of the site.To know the ip address you can ping the site by typing the following at the cmd prompt


sitetobehacked is the name of the vulnerable site.You will see the ip address of the site.The wordlist should be in the same directory and if you wanna use a wordlist for username also,replace admin by a text file where you have saved the names.Back to our hydra program,after you type the above command,and hit enter,hydra will start bruteforcing the site and it will take few minutes depending on the length of your wordlist.As soon as the password matches with the correct password,the program will stop and you will see the real password.Use it to login to the site using ftp and then you can download and upload files to the server and view all confidential documents!