Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trojan attack demo - Remote control your victim's PC

You must be familiar with what a trojan is.A Trojan is similar to a virus but it can be more lethal in the way it gives the attacker complete control over the victim's PC.Usually trojans come in two parts - the client and the server.The server resides on the victim's PC and the client is used to connect to it and play mischief,create havoc and much more.The attacker can take snapshots of the victim's screen,install a keylogger which will send you all the keystrokes,reboot the system,crash the system,eject the cd-rom and much more.This tutorial will show you how the hacker accomplishes his task and how to protect yourself from it.

The first thing a hacker does is to install the server on the victim's pc.The hacker does this very cleverly.The server part of the trojan is bind with a small program with like a chess game for example.The victims is deluded into thinking that the game is harmless.He installs it,not knowing that a trojan is being installed along with it in the background.The next thing the hacker needs to know is the IP address of the victim which he will use to connect the client to server.

The following demo is for educational purposes only.

We take the example of a trojan named Aladino.Its available for free over.The hacker binds the server part of this trojan with say a game of chess,using a program called binder.The victim is deluded into thinking that it is a harmless program.He install it on his hard-disk.Once it is executed,it will wait for commands to be sent by the hacker.There are many commands available,for example

SCREEN_CAPTURE C:\\snapshot.bmp

This command will take a snapshot if the victims screen and store it in c:\\snapshot.Other commands can be seen after typing help at the command prompt.They are simple and self explanatory.

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