Friday, October 22, 2010

Hackthissite realistic mission 3

Open the page source.  Down the bottom of the source you will see that the hacker just renamed index.html to oldindex.html.

Then you just have to type in the url to view the old page. View the source, and copy it all. Then you will have to Submit a poem, and this is the important part. If you simply type in the name of your poem,it will be saved in the current directory.You need to submit the source of the oldindex.html as index.html and also in the correct place.For that you need to go up one directory.This is accomplished by '../' , which is prefixed to the name of our file 'index.html'

Name of poem has to be "../index.html" for this to work. Then paste the code you copied into the textarea you are supposed to write a poem.

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