Thursday, October 14, 2010

I wanna be a hacker!

The tag of a 'hacker' fascinates most of the teens out there.And maybe the reason why you are reading this post is that you are also one of them.
To be considered as an elite hacker you need to have certain skills and more importantly,a very deep and sound understanding of computers,operating system,networking,programming and security.Well even i am not that good,but i know little things which i learned all by myself and i wanna share that with you guys so as to give you a push in the right direction to learning stuffs related to hacking.

A hacker is not always a criminal and I am not writing this post to encourage cyber- crime.

'So what do i need to learn to become a hacker?' This is the most common question asked by the newbies.Well you can hack your way through even without knowing any programming language or knowing the nitty-gritty of what you are doing.But then you will be called a 'script kiddy' and not a hacker.Script kiddies use ready-made programs or scripts to exploit vulnerabilities.But atleast it'll give you a start up.I 'll write about the tools that are frequently used by the script kiddies,in my next post.

But if you really wanna become a hacker,you need to learn a lot.The best programming language to learn is pearl.The next thing you need to do is install,learn and use ONLY linux.You can learn C along with it and start tinkering with OS.This way you 'll learn the internal functioning of the OS.The next thing to do is learn Visual Basic-easy and robust.And if you are windows lover then you better be happy hacking your system registry only.A little knowledge about HTML,PHP,SQL is always helpful.The more you know about them,the better hacker you will become.But in my posts i assume that you don't know any of them.

The best way to start with is 'Google hacking'.No we are not gonna hack Google.Google's search mechanism proves to be an indispensable tool for a hacker to find vulnerable sites and gathering valuable information.I'll cover Google hacking in detail in my next post.


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